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  • When the Time Dependent Material Property of structural materials is defined by CEB-FIP, the geometric shape dimension (h) is revised here. The dimension (h) is applied to automatically calculate the time dependent property of the elements that used the defined material. When a number of elements of an identical material property have different geometric shape dimensions, the dimensions can be entered for each element, overwriting the geometric shape dimensions defined in the Time Dependent Material (Creep/Shrinkage).

  • This function is not applicable for the Composite Section for Construction Stage, and the user needs to directly enter the Notational Size of Member (h) for each Part in Composite Section for Construction Stage



From the main menu, select [Properties] tab > [Material Properties] group > [Change Property]



Properties-Time Dependent Material-Change Property.png


Add/Replace : Add or replace the geometric shape dimension (h).


Delete : Delete the geometric shape dimension (h).

Element Dependent Material

Notational Size of Member

Input : Specify the user-defined h

The formula is h=2*Ac/u in CEB-FIP Code

Select a standard applicable for calculating h.

Auto Calculate : The Program auto-calculates the values using the section properties

Code : Select the applicable code or standard for calculating the geometric dimensions (h)

a : Enter "a"span style="font-weight: bold;">a"according to a standard.

u = Lo + a*Li

Lo : The perimeter length of a box-shaped section in contact with the external atmosphere

Li : The perimeter length of a box-shaped section in contact with the internal atmosphere


1. When using this function to change the geometric dimensions, the geometric dimensions (h) inputted in "Time Dependent Material (Creep/Shrinkage)" will be disregarded, and the values inputted in the change will take precedence.

2. If using the Composite Section for Construction Stage, the "h" values for each part should be directly inputted in the Composite Section for Construction Stage.


Volume Surface Ratio

Input : You can directly input the geometric dimensions to be applied to the selected element.

Auto Calculate : You can calculate the geometric dimension (h) using the provided equation from the selected standard.

Code : Select the standard to be applied when calculating the geometric dimension. (The formula is v/s = Volume/Structure in ACI, PCA, Combined(ACI&PCA) Code)

v : Volume

s : Surface

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