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Tapered Section Group


  • This function groups the members defined as Tapered Sections. It automatically calculates the sectional properties of the non-prismatic section such that the group section varies uniformly irrespective of the number of segments in the group. The auto-calculated sectional information can be converted into the model data. However, tapered sections defined by Value Type cannot be assigned as a Tapered Section Group.
  • First, create a Tapered Section with the start and end sections of the section variation interval designated as the i-th and j-th sections, respectively. Then, assign this Tapered Section to all elements that make up the section variation interval. This will result in a model configuration similar to the one shown in the bottom image. Next, select these elements and designate them as a Tapered Section Group. This will generate a model where the i-th section of the assigned elements becomes the starting point of the section variation interval, and the j-th section becomes the ending point.
  • By doing this, there is no need to create a separate Tapered Section for each element within the section variation interval. This eliminates the need to create multiple Tapered Sections, thereby reducing the modeling time, especially when dealing with complex section variation intervals.


NOTE.png If PSC Sections contain section stiffness scale factor, the data will be automatically applied after converting them into tapered sections by interpolation for each tapered section. However, for the other data such as Effective Width Scale Factor, Reinforcement for PSC Section and Composite Section for Construction Stage need to be re-defined after converting them into tapered sections in the same number of elements.

Tapered Section Group



From the main menu, select [Properties] tab > [Section Properties] group > [Tapered Group]



Properties-Section-Tapered Group.png

Tapered Section Group

Define Tapered Section Groups.

Group Name : Name of a variable section group


Element List : The element numbers belonging to the variable section group

NOTE.png Graphical selection of elements on the model screen automatically enters the element numbers in Element List. However, the selected elements should have been defined with an identical variable section property.

Section Shape Variation

The change of section shape along the element local x-axis is defined relative to the element local y & z-axes.

z-Axis(y-Axis) : Change of section dimensions in the element local coordinate system

Linear : Linear variation along the length

Specify an exponent defining the curvilinear function of the section variation in the entry field.

Symmetric Plane
When the outer shape of a section forms a 2-dimensional curve, you should input the location where the tangent of the curve is parallel to the x-axis of the element coordinate system.

From : Reference point to define the plane of symmetry

Distance : The distance from the reference point to the plane of symmetry in the element local x-axis.

NOTE.png When the shape of a section forms a 2-dimensional curve, you need to provide the location information for three points on the curve. The two points are automatically calculated based on the Section-i and Section-j of the tapered section data (Section Property), and the Symmetric Plane is defined to determine the last point. Assuming that the desired tapered section is symmetric in the longitudinal direction, the tangent of the curve at the symmetric plane is parallel to the x-axis of the element coordinate system and perpendicular to the section of the element.


Application of the symmetric plane.png

   (a) Symmetric Plane at the i-th end    (b) Symmetric Plane at the j-th end Application of Symmetric Plane

Application of the symmetric plane


Click Add to include the defined variable section group in the list. Click Modify to change the contents of a section group and Delete to delete section groups.

Convert to Tapered Section... : The automatically calculated section data is assigned to each element based on its division state. In this process, a corresponding set of tapered section data is generated for the number of elements specified in the group, and if you provide a starting section number, sequential numbers are automatically assigned to them.

Once the section information of the tapered section group is converted into section data, the tapered section group is automatically deleted.

Properties-Section-Tapered Group-convert.png

Convert To Tapered Section dialog box

New Start Section Number

Specify the starting number (Section ID) for the tapered sections to be converted. If the specified starting number is already assigned to an existing section, it will be automatically replaced with the next available number.

Use New Section Name Suffix

This option is used to append a suffix to the names of the converted tapered sections. If this option is not used, all converted sections will have the same names as the original sections.

Start Suffix Number

Please enter the number to be used as a suffix for the names of the converted tapered sections.

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