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Temperature Load Tables Created Edited

Nodal Temperatures


  • Enter nodal temperatures for thermal stress analysis, and modify or delete previously entered temperatures.


(Refer to "System Temperature")



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Temperature] > [Temperature Loads] group > [Nodal Temp.]



Load-Temp Prestress Loads-Temperature Loads-Nodal Temp.png

Nodal Temperatures dialog box


Load Case Name

Assign the load case name. Click the ... button to the right to enter additional load cases and modify or delete existing load cases.


Load Group Name

Select the desired Load Group that will include the entered Nodal Temperatures data. Select "Default" if a Group assignment is unnecessary. Click the ... button to the right to add, modify, or delete Load Groups.



Add : To enter new or additional nodal temperatures

Replace : To replace previously entered nodal temperatures

Delete : To delete previously entered nodal temperatures



Enter nodal temperatures.

Initial : It displays the entered initial temperature. Click the ... button to the right to change the initial temperature in the "Structure Type" dialog box.

Final Temperature : Final nodal temperature

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