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Restart Construction Stage Analysis


  • Upon execution of the function, the construction stage will restart from select construction stage.



In order to use Restart Construction Stage Analysis, analysis results for each stage must be saved prior to restart. Specify the construction stage at which analysis will be restarted in the Construction Stage Analysis Control Data. The restart function will be possible only at the specified stage.



From the main menu, select [Analysis] tab > [Perform] group > [Analysis Options] > [Restart CS Analysis]



Restart Stage

Select the stage to restart the construction stage analysis. The analysis will be performed starting from the selected stage, and the analysis results from the previous stage will be used as the initial analysis results.

You can only select the stages that have been pre-defined in the Construction Stage Analysis Control Data.

The Restart function is disabled in the Post-processing Mode, and you need to switch to the Preprocessing Mode to modify the data and perform re-analysis.


Perform the PostCS Analysis

Select whether the analysis for PostCS will be performed. If the Post CS analysis doesn't require any changes from the last model revision, the analysis for PostCS (Moving load analysis, Settlement analysis) can be omitted to save time. The following cases are where the PostCS analysis can be skipped; 

When the duration of construction stage is changed

When the activation sequence of groups is changed within a construction stage

When the data which is activated only in construction stage like form traveller load and doesn't affect the result of Post CS is changed.

In order to skip the analysis for PostCS, the structural geometry for both final stage and PostCS must be identical. If not, errors will occur.

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