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Search Displacements


  • Check the displacement of a particular node in numerical values.



From main menu, select [Results] tab > [Results] group > [Deformations] > Search_Displacements.png [Search Displacements]



Search Displacements by selfweight

Load Cases/Combinations

Select a desired load case, load combination or envelope case.

Click ....png to the right to enter new or modify existing load combinations. (Refer to "Load Cases / Combinations")

Step : Specify the step for which the analysis results are to be produced. The Step is defined in geometric nonlinear analysis as Load Step, and additional steps are defined in the construction stages of bridges or heat of hydration analyses.

Node Picking

Node Number

Enter the node number for which the displacement is to be checked, or click the entry field and assign the node with the mouse in the working window.

Current Step Disp.

Produce the displacements pertaining to the selected step of the construction stage if a construction stage analysis has been performed.

Stage/Step Real Disp.

Display the Real Displacements for each construction stage when the construction stage analysis is performed.

NOTE.png When the node number is assigned, the following items are displayed in the Message Window :

Node Number 

DX : Displacement component in GCS X-direction

DY : Displacement component in GCS Y-direction

DZ : Displacement component in GCS Z-direction


RX : Rotation component about GCS X-axis

RY : Rotation component about GCS Y-axis

RZ : Rotation component about GCS Z-axis

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