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Pre-Composite Section


  • Enter the load cases applicable prior to becoming composite sections.
  • The analysis reflects the variation of sectional properties before and after composite actions in bridge structures. Observe the following steps:


1. Create the load cases that non-composite sections will have to resist in Load>Static Load Cases.

2. Define the load cases that non-composite Bridge will have to resist in Load>Composite Section Analysis Data>Load Cases for Pre-Composite Section.

3. Perform the analysis in the Analysis>Perform Analysis menu.

4. Once the analysis is successfully completed, analyze the analysis results through various post-processing functions in the Results menu using the load cases or combinations.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Misc.] > [Etc.] group > [Pre-composite Section]



Load-settlement etc-etc-pre composite section.png

Load Cases for Pre-Composite Section dialog box


Select the load cases to be used prior to composite action. Select load cases and click ->.

Click Remove Composite Section Analysis Data when all the entered data are to be deleted.

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