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Load Sequence for Nonlinear


  • Specify the sequence of loading for the application of loads in geometrically nonlinear analysis. This feature allows you to define the loading sequence for each load condition, enabling the subsequent loads to act on the structure after deformation caused by previous load steps.
  • For example, if we assign the dead load as Step 1 and the wind load as Step 2, the dead load will cause deformation and generate member forces. Then, the wind load will act on the deformed structure, resulting in additional deformation and member forces, which will be stored as the results for the wind load condition.
  • The final results of sequentially applied loads can be observed in the load condition specified for the final stage. If there is a need to consider the changes in stiffness due to structural deformations, this feature can be applied for convenience. It is also important to consider this when creating load combinations.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Misc.] > [Etc.] group > [Load Sequence for Nonlinear]



Load-settlement etc-Load Sequence for Nonlinear.png

Loading Sequence for Nonlinear Analysis dialog box


The dialog box lists all the Static Load Cases entered in the model. Using the button ->, prepare the Sequence in the order of applying the static load cases.


Up, Down

The buttons are used to move a selected load case in the Sequence column up or down at a time, thereby re-sequencing the order of load case application.


Nonlinear Analysis Control Data...

Invoke the Nonlinear Analysis Control dialog box to specify the condition for geometric nonlinear analysis.

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