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[CIM] Release Note_V170 (10.2022)

New features of CIM V170 


[Layout] Added compatible layout file formats ("RD" and "LandXML")

Road/Rail Designer and LandXML file formats have been added to the Import Layout function using the existing Road Projector and BIM Road specifications.
You can import rail linings that use three-dimensional parabola from Rail Designer.

[Layout] Added import of multiple layouts.

The Multiple Import feature has been added to allow you to enter multiple alignment types at once. Currently, only LandXML is supported.

[Rebar] Added longitudinal stirrup that can be placed in curved layout.

Longitudinal sttirup rebar function has been added to enhance the existing strap function. Longitudinal sttirup is available as a separate feature and can be placed in a curved layout.

For the modeling method for this rebar, select Master and Slave transverse rebars and enter the arrangement interval according to the options. We are planning to increase convenience by continuously developing rebar functions.

[Quantity] Added quantity calculation in library units.

A function has been added to enable the calculation of the quantity of each library model.

Target structures include bridge support, PSC BEAM girder, etc. in the bridge field, and in the road field, there are structures that are repeatedly placed in one library, such as streetlights and signs.

[Modeling] Improved to retain entity names when assigning entities to parent mode

Improved to retain entity(Point Linked Entity / Path Linked Entity) names when assigning entities created in each library mode to parent mode Using this, when linking drawings with CAD INFRA-DESGIN, we can check the Entity name and use the information based on the name of the Entity for the quantity linkage.

[Modeling] Added property change function for earthwork modeling

The feature editing function of 3D solid may be required when modeling earthwork modeling.

Previously, there was no way to convert body objects to Slope Solid, which can be linked to quantities, but the V170 can change properties and use them as quantitative information.

[Analysis] Added the "by group" method when defining analysis case (Structure/Boundary)

After you set up the Structure Group and Boundary Group in the CIM, you can create a CIVIL model.
If you select By Group in the Analysis option, you can create an analysis model without selecting an object.

[Convenience] Added "zoom fit" & "Zoom fit select" feature

In all modeling spaces of CIM, a "Zoom Fit" function that magnifies models to fit the screen and a "Zoom to Select" function that magnifies only selected models to fit the screen has been developed. Operates when double-clicking the middle mouse button(wheel).
Zoom Fit : Aligns all displayed objects in the center of the screen.
Zoom to Select : When you select an object and double-click the mouse wheel, all of the selected objects are aligned
                                 in the center of the screen

[Convenience] Added cutting view worktree in library mode

CIM provides a Cutting View function that allows you to check the interior of the desired section when modeling. Previously, Cutting View could only be viewed and deleted in Base Mode, but now it can be viewed and deleted directly in the Worktree of each Library Mode.

[Convenience] Added object selection tool.

To make it easier to choose models with complex structures, we added optional options.

Previously, we only offered choices using squares, but now we have added choices using circles and polygons to increase user convenience.

Cross Mode : If you drag the mouse to the left, select all objects that span the selection.
Window Mode : If you drag the mouse to the right, select all objects within the selection.

[Convenience] Added hyperlink connection function when entering URL in Text Field.

If you enter text in URL format in the text field, it becomes a hyperlink. This feature allows users to open libraries and link web pages immediately.

Text starting with HTTP://

Text starting with HTTPS://

Text starting with www.

[Improvement] Improved overlapping constraint labels.

Constraint labels were overlapped when setting Constraint multiple settings in User Section Mode, so it was not easy to check the labels.

The V170 improves the alignment of Constraint Labels in multiple settings without overlapping. Also, if you mouse over the Constraint in the work tree list, the Constraint label is highlighted on the screen.

[Improvement] Improved Modify Vertex/Edge functionality

To avoid user errors during 3D model editing, logic has been improved in a more intuitive way than before.

[Improvement] Improved Vertex marking on bolts

When adjusting Bolt's transparency in V160, vertex remained. By improving this graphic effect, the V170 does not display Vertex when transparency is adjusted.

[Improvement] Improved ground surface precision.

Improved the method of setting accuracy when creating Ground Surface. On the V160, when the user created an area or long terrain, there was a problem of poor precision if the user used the default value without entering the Resolution value. Added "Interval Length" setting method on V170. When creating terrain for large areas, it is possible to create high-precision terrain without any additional settings, and the user can modify the precision if necessary.

[Improvement] Improved support label / point spring label display.

When setting boundary conditions for analysis linkage, the label display for boundary conditions is improved to increase visibility.



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