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[CIM] Release Note & Hotfix Update_V180 (04.2023)

CIM V180 Hotfix 9.0 (20.10.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 9.0


[IFC] Improved handling of curved surfaces during import

[Surface] Fixed defects in curved surface creation using points

[Guide Path] Enhanced speed in creating 'By Division' method

[Bolt] Fixed issues related to Arrangement - Direction Vector

[Copy] Improved usability of continuous copying

[Stiffener] Fixed the issue of 'Slot-Split' type not being output

[Stiffener] Fixed linkage defect between each mode of Slot-Splits

[DB] Added Indian code for rebar specifications and materials table

[Snap] Improved precision



CIM V180 Hotfix 8.0 (20.09.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 8.0


[Stiffener] Provide Slot-Split defaults

[3D CAD] Sketch function mouse click usability improvement

[Tendon] Fixed tendon coordinate defect when selecting Curve Library [From End]

[Import] Improved Civil [.mct] file import function

[Coordinate] Improvement of defects in not applying Geographic Coordinates



CIM V180 Hotfix 7.0 (24.08.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 7.0


[3D CAD] Improved performance of curved surface generation.

[3D CAD] Enhancement of the Split function for General Members.

[3D CAD] Performance improvement for Surface Union.

[Construction] Enhancement of Show/Hidden option in the Division Point Worktree.

[Cutting] Strengthened maintenance of Cutting Tool/Target information during the operation of other functions.

[Display] Improved rules for editing Display properties of objects in Base mode.

[Export] fixed 2D DWG Export issue with objects in contact.

[IFC] Enhanced import process for multiple solids in IFC format.

[Parameter] Fixed the issue with Constraint Plane position update during Parameter operations.

[Rebar] Displayed rebar list in Worktree within Draw Rebar Mode.

[Rigid Path] Improved Reference Location configuration method within Rigid Path feature.

[Stiffener] Enhanced Slot-Split functionality for Stiffeners.

[Stiffener] Fixed issue with end portion fitting functionality for Stiffeners.

[Tendon] Fixed coordinate calculation issue when assigning Curve Library using the From End option.

[Worktree] Improved display rules for objects connected to Constraint Entities.

[Smart Template] Expanded selection and girder specification settings for the substructure of PSC Beams in bridges.




CIM V180 Hotfix 6.0 (12.07.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 6.0


[Graphic] Rendering engine performance improvement

[Ground Surface] Fixed the issue of forced shutdown when setting Define Boundary Area

[Ground Surface] Fixed the defect in Ground Surface generation

[Slope] Improved error message output for Slope Create function

[Template] Fixed the defect in applying parameters to models generated with Template

[Terrain] Fixed the defect in applying Solid Type (Terrain) to Body objects

[Worktree] Fixed the defect in Worktree update when applying Assign Property

[Worktree] Fixed the defect in Composite Slab information within Worktree



CIM V180 Hotfix 5.0 (30.06.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 5.0


[3D DWG] Fixing 3D DWG Face Object Import Defects

[Analysis Case] Improving naming rules when connecting Civil of Tendon objects

[Catalog] Fixed linkage defect of Category function of Library Tag

[Constraint] Added Selection Filter according to Constraint type

[Cutting Property] Fixed output error in Target Member Property of Specific Type

[Edit] Fixed Extend function behavior glitch

[Layout] Corrected dwg layout creation defect

[Library] Fixed the defect of creating a tapered section member with a skew

[MCT Import] Fixed import failure defect of Tapered Section Group object

[Parameter] Corrected Angle Dimension data defect of Assigned Parameter

[Quantity] Fixed defect applying Quantity based on Library setting for Steel Member

[Rebar] Fixed rebar update bug when updating General Member

[Rebar] Fixed Show/Hide operation defect when executing stirrup function

[Rebar] Fixed Ratio setting behavior defect of Stirrup function

[Rebar] Fixed Sweep Array behavior glitch

[Select] Added Free Select method within Neutral Select function

[Skew] Fixed defects in member creation with Skew and Superelevation applied

[Stiffener] Fixed the direction defect of End Shape of Closed Stiffener

[Stiffener] Improved Stiffener's Array Path rules

[Stiffener] Stiffener's Fitting: Fixed auto setting defect

[Stiffener] Output warning message for failure of slot/split part of stiffener

[Structure Tree] Fixed Structure Tree operation defect

[Sub-Layout] Fixed table setting defect of Sub-Layout function

[Template] Fixed FCM Bridge's tendon generation defect

[Tendon] Fixed the forced shutdown when selecting Tendon Group in the Tendon > Create function

[Tendon] Allowed modification of Tendon Group Name

[Tendon] Added Tendon Profile Group delete button

[Text Format] Fixed Text Format file conversion defect

[Text Format] Fixed assembly unit creation defect through text format

[View] Improved Zoom Fit operation in User Section mode (Ref. Line excluded from Zoom Fit)

[Worktree] Fixed Worktree operation defect of Drawing View data

[Worktree] Improved category rules in Entity Tab

[Worktree] Optimized Worktree operation speed



CIM V180 Hotfix 4.0 (07.06.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 4.0


[CSV] Fix layout creation defects through text format

[Cutting Property] Fix cutting property update defect for parameter update

[IFC Export] Fix Coordinate data defect when exporting IFC

[LandXML] Fix Geo Coordinate setting defect when importing Layout

[Stiffener] Fix a defect in Reverse Direction setting of Slot/Split

[Stiffener] Fix the forced shutdown defect when Array Path of Stiffener is not set

[Stiffener] Deactivation of Stiffener Property quantity property in construction mode

[UI/UX] Fix Hotkey defect for Display Mode Options in Header Panel

[Worktree] Fix Worktree update defect when creating Point Library through Direct Create function

[Worktree] Fix defects in cutting view data creation in Worktree when creating Layout



CIM V180 Hotfix 3.0 (25.05.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 3.0


[Analysis Case] Fix analysis case definition defect for Analysis Line

[Assign Library] Fix Vertex Matching defect according to Rotation setting when assigning library

[Bolt] Fix Bolt Define data update defect

[Bolt] Fix plane selection defect when creating bolt

[Construction Division] Fix defects in the Structure setting of the Construction Division

[Cutting Property] Improve processing performance of member deletion with cutting property applied

[Divide] Fix vector setting defect of Divide function in construction mode

[Drawing View] Improve drawing view constraint settings in PLB

[Drawing View] Fix a defect in Drawing View settings in the library

[Extend] Fix Defect where the function does not work when selecting the Target Option Vertex

[Ground Surface] Fix terrain creation defect of Cloud Grid elevation method

[Guide Path] Improve skew application of guide path matched library

[Guide Path] Fix defect when assigning to Main Path with Offset distance

[Parameter] Parameter editing defect correction

[Path Linked Entity] Fix User Defined Member creation defect

[Stiffener] Improve slot/split application rule of closed stiffener

[Stiffener] Fix a defect in the Reverse Direction option of longitudinal stiffeners

[Template] Fix a bug that forced shutdown when executing the Template function

[Text Format] Improve CSV file Unicode (UTF-8) logic

[Text Format] Improve AUB creation performance by text format

[UI/UX] Improve sorting rules for number input

[UI/UX] Improvement of Zoom Fit operation for Reference Line in User Section

[Worktree] Fix Hide operation defect of Entity Tab

[Worktree] Fix duplicate defects of Rebar and Wire in Worktree when importing IFC

[Worktree] Fix Drawing View Context Menu defect in Worktree


[UI/UX] Add Auto Edge Only function and registered Header Panel



CIM V180 Hotfix 2.0 (12.05.23)

CIM V180 Hotfix 2.0


[Parameter] Reference Line Correction of upper mode generation defects

[Parameter] Improve Constraint Select method of Reference Line

[Parameter] Fix a defect that could not delete Constraint with Worktree

[Guide Path] Improve tapered section matching

[Worktree] Fix library deletion defect

[Worktree] Fix user section item creation defect in Base Mode

[Worktree] Fix Cutting View item creation defect

[Worktree] Fix Section Shape item creation defect in User Section Mode

[Worktree] Fix Tendon Group item right-click behavior defect

[Worktree] Improve classification of items of User Define type

[Export] Fix Civil MCT file export defect

[Export] Fix Tendon Export defect

[Analysis] Fix single section interlocking defect of Tapered Section Group

[Slope] Fix Slope Bench Clearance behavior defect

[Slope] Improve cut slope soil layer table application rules

[Slope] Fix Slope Preset excel value pasting defect

[Section Shape] Fix abnormal termination when deleting Section Shape

[Main Panel] Properties Main Panel Shortcut Application Defect Correction

[Assembly Unit] Fix abnormal termination when assigning to linear

[Assembly Unit] Fix linear assignment failure bug

[Assembly Unit] Fix Text Import defect



New features of CIM V180 


[Convenience] CIM Header Panel UI modification and WorkTree environment restructuring

Previously, most of the operations such as Neutral Select (View Port object selection), WorkTree, and general functions were placed in the Main Panel UI.

We have redesigned the Panel UI in V180 to enhance the user experience. We added the Header Panel UI and clearly separated the Main Panel UI into the Works Tree Tab and the Function Tab, so that each function can be used seamlessly.

For more details, please refer to the video and manual.

Manual : WorkTree / Header Panel

[Convenience] Improved Draw Phase operation and shortcut key for closing panel button

Draw Phase is a UI that is generally used in various functions that define coordinates or planes, as well as drawing objects.

To provide a consistent usability for users, we have made some improvements to the Draw Phase operation.

To enhance the user's productivity and workflow, a shortcut key has been introduced for the function exit/execution.

Shortcut keys: Manual link included : [Sys. Definition] Effect of using keyboard shortcuts in CIM

[Convenience] Object Freeze function added

The Freeze function has been added to prevent certain objects from being selected as the target of a function.

By freezing unnecessary objects in individual tasks, you can greatly enhance the convenience of your work, especially in projects that involve complex modeling.

The Freeze function can be accessed through the Context Menu of the View Port or the Works Tree.

By default, it restricts the selection of objects, but you can configure the options available to restrict the selection of sub-shapes if desired.

Manual : Freeze / Unfreeze

[Convenience] Added Show/Hide lock function for objects.

A new feature called ‘Show/Hide Lock’ has been added that allows you to fix the current object's Show/Hide status.

Objects in the Lock state are not affected by the Show All/Hide All function.

As a result, it is now possible to fix the objects to be shown or hidden when editing only a portion of the model.
(Additionally, the Lock function can be utilized in diverse ways to enhance performance and convenience.)

Manual : Visible Lock

[Modeling] Expansion of Cutting property function (Specific / General)

The Cutting Property function has been improved with the addition of a new option called ‘Specific Type’.

The cutting property function will be applied to the selected members by selecting the Target member and the Tool member "one to one."

This is expected to improve performance by reducing the resources required to search for target members among libraries that may cause performance degradation when using the 'General Type' option to apply the cutting property function.

Cutting Property function
General Type : Effective option for members of different Libraries
Specific Type : 1:1 selection of members is valid only within a single Library.

Manual : Cutting Property

[Modeling] Extract function improved (Solid extraction of component objects)

The functionality has been enhanced to extract Component Objects (Stiffener, Bolt, Rebar, Tendon) as Solid Bodies, in order to offer more flexibility in modeling.

Manual :  Extract⁩

[Modeling] Extrude function improved (Expanding target range and adding selection options)

In the previous version, the Extrude function lacked any classification for the 'Select Target' option, which meant that each Edge or Face had to be clicked on separately.

However, usability has been improved in V180 by introducing different filters and allowing users to set the Target option.

Manual : Extrude 

[Modeling] Addition of Subtract (Surface) function

The introduction of the Subtract function in V180 enables the removal of overlapped surfaces on a plane.

This function can be effectively employed in editing plane objects (Surface or Sheet Body) by selecting Target and Tool objects.

Manual : Subtract(Surface)

[Modeling] Sweep function improved (Addition of Sweep lock option)

The addition of various Lock options in the Sweep function allows for the implementation of desired 3D shape modeling.

Manual : Sweep

[Modeling] Addition of 3D object coordinate extraction function

It is possible to check the 3D coordinates of specific points on objects like bridge supports, all at once.

General Extract 
: Extracts coordinates of the selected targets within the current based on the coordinate system of the current mode. If you select the "By Path" option, you can extract the coordinates at regular intervals along the path.

Constraint Objects Extract
: In addition to extracting coordinates within the current mode, if a library is assigned, coordinates can be extracted based on the coordinates of the assigned mode.

Manual : Coordinate Extract (Extract) / Coordinate Extract (Confirm)

[Modeling] Improved rules for generating members based on circles.

When generating members using a Circular cross-section created in User Section, there was an issue where the number of edges and vertices of the circle would vary, making it difficult to determine the location during rebar modeling.

To resolve this issue, the logic has been altered to ensure that the circular cross-section and circular members are generated with a fixed number of edges and vertices, set to one.


[Modeling] Expansion of Stiffener function (Addition of Closed stiffener modeling function)

The Closed Stiffener function has been included to expand the modeling capabilities when modeling steel structures.

For modeling the diaphragm of steel structures and bridges, a Plate modeling function has been added for closed cross-sections of steel and the types of Stiffener have been expanded with the following three functions:

Transverse Stiffener
Longitudinal Stiffener
Closed Stiffener : Creates a closed section stiffener.

Manual : Closed Stiffener

[Quantity] Expansion of Structure space

The Structure space, which is being utilized as a model classification system, has been expanded from one space in the V170 version to three spaces in the V180 version.

This expansion has been made for the purpose of utilizing it in quantity take-off, 4D simulation, and construction stage analysis.

The inclusion of three classification systems in the attribute information of a single object significantly enhances its usability.

Manual : Structure

[Quantity] Field function improved (Excel Export/Import function added)

The Field data for quantity take-off can now be defined in Excel format. The Field definition function enables the importing or exporting of an Excel file in the specified format.

Manual : Field

[Quantity] Addition of Decimal point option when exporting quantity take-off

If you define the number of decimal places as an integer, it will be reflected in the quantity take-off document by rounding the value at the decimal point below the input value.

[Relation] Improved LandXML import function (Linked with layout data)

The newly added feature allows users to import LandXML files selectively.
Layouts within the LandXML file can be selectively imported.

Coordinate settings can be specified when importing.
- Geographic Coord : Imports based on the previously set geographic coordinate system.
-  (X,Y)=(0,0) : Imports with the modeling coordinate origin point (0,0). This option can be used if the coordinates are
                             beyond 500km and cannot be imported.

Manual : Land XML

[Parameter] Added link between Main constraint path offset and parameter

Constraint Entity (Cons. Plane/Cons. Path, Cons. Point) is a variable that needs to be modified most frequently in CIM, but currently, it can only be modified through the property window.

V170 introduced a link between the Location of Cons. Plane and the Parameter, and the new version, V180, includes a linkage between the Main Cons. Path. Offset and the Parameter.

[Parameter] Section parametric tool expansion(Angle Dimension added)

This function displays the angle between two selected edges or reference lines.

You can adjust the angle by changing the Dimension Value in the Property window.
You can adjust the angle in the Parameter window in conjunction with the Angle Parameter.

Manual : Dimension

[Analysis] Cutting property is applied when linking 2D member analysis.

When the CIM model is linked with CIVIL for 2D Member Analysis, an analysis model is generated by considering the final shape with Cutting Property applied.

When modeling 2D Members for Analysis linking, there is no need to consider openings separately.
You can model objects at the opening location and link them to Civil by applying the Cutting function.

[Analysis] Added the option to define the section acquisition area for the Analysis line.

When creating an Analysis Line, if the section acquisition area is an infinite plane, unnecessary areas may be included depending on the shape of the object.

As a result, it has been improved to allow users to set the section acquisition area of the desired size, taking this into consideration.

[Analysis] Improved analysis line function.

V180 allows the application of Library to Analysis Line, and Multiple Elements function has been added that can be linked with CIVIL.

The Multiple Elements function converts various sections of an object into a single section.

Concrete and steel can now be selected separately when selecting an object. Additionally, for steel objects, the Analysis Line function has been enhanced with a 'Select Stiffener' option, which allows the selection of stiffeners.

The section stiffness is calculated by taking into account the selected stiffener during the analysis after it is linked with Civil.

Manual : Analysis Line

[Analysis] Change Function added to Analysis Mode (Edit local axis direction)

The local axis direction of a 1D Member in CIM is determined by considering its start and end points.

However, the Analysis Mode's Change function allows for editing of the local axis direction of a 1D Member.

Manual : Change

[Analysis] Tapered group function added to Analysis Mode (Improved tapered section linkage with Civil)

When a tapered section model is created using the modeling features such as Auto-Function and Guide Path, Tapered Section Group data is transferred to Civil for each member.

However, if the length of the member is long, there may be differences between the CIM model and the analysis model.

By utilizing the Tapered Group function, users can define the sections of the Tapered Section Group for selected members in CIM.
This feature can significantly reduce the difference between the CIM model and the analysis model.

Manual : Tapered Group

[Terrain] Added Slope Preset function and improved Modify function.

Slope Preset function added

  • Slope Preset function has been added. With this function, you can save pre-set slopes for cut and fill soil according to design standards or guidelines, and easily load and use them.


  • The ‘Apply Slope by Higher Side’ option allows for the application of the slope of the layer with the steeper incline when there is a single slope face on one side. This enables the slope of the layer with the greater inclination to be applied.

Improved Slope Profile Modify function

  • The 'Profile Modify' function, which previously only allowed individual editing, has been improved to allow for the modification of multiple profiles at once.
  • The function to import a Preset DB has also been added, so it can be used when making modifications.

Manual : Slope Preset

[Terrain] Improved Slope Create Function (Improved creation method and added detailed options)

Slope creation option has been improved to enable application of various practical models.

Bench Clearance
: When the original ground meets the bench, this function adjusts the bench width of the last profile before meeting the original ground to 0 to create a smooth cutting line.

Round Discontinuous
: This is an option for discontinuous slope, and it can be processed the discontinuous slope as either a circular or straight slope face. It is the same as the existing Round Cut and has been changed to avoid confusion of terminology.

: This option is only available in Cut Slope, and it applies rounding effect to the location where the cutting area meets original ground.

Last Bench Height
: Sets the minimum height of the last bench. If the last bench is created short, it can be entered according to the engineer's judgment or design criteria.

Offset Line
: The ‘Offset Line’ function generates offset line which follows the original from the intersection of the slope and the original ground. This function can be used for assigning tasks such as ridge drain and for confirming ground boundaries.

Manual : Slope Create(Surface)

[Improvement] Improved rendering quality and performance

When a model contains reinforcing bars or when working on projects with a high level of detail (LOD), the rendering process may pose difficulties due to the user's PC graphics performance.

To address this issue, V180 has introduced a significant reduction in graphics load during rendering by revamping the graphics representation of detailed members in Edge Only Mode. (See the video for details).

Apart from the Edge Only Mode enhancement, several performance improvements related to rendering have been implemented, including improvements in transparency quality and preview speed.

[Improvement] Improved speed of importing IFC files.

Importing IFC files that contained a large amount of data, such as reinforcement bars, used to be a time-consuming process in CIM.

However, in V180, the import operation for reinforcement bar data has been redesigned, resulting in a significant reduction in the import time for IFC files. (See the video for details).



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