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[CAD INFRA-DESIGN] Release Note_V170 (10.2022)

New features of CAD INFRA-DESIGN V170

Added the ability to automatically generate rebar reports in 3D views

This feature was developed to simplify Rebar Placing Drawing. 3D View is created in CIM and Rebar Placing Drawing is automatically generated for each rebar in CAD INFRA-DESIGN.

Added 2D section interworking on Terrain and slopes

In the V160, when the 2D section was linked to the CAD INFRA-DESIGN, terrain and strata could not be created. However, the V170 version has been enhanced to create terrain and strata.

Added the Soil cut & fill and design height in the longitudinal coordinate table

When generating longitudinal coordinates on the longitudinal cross-sectional view, it has been improved to display the ground height and longitudinal height. The user may additionally input the ground height.

Added continuous output function of drawing blocks

CAD INFRA-DESIGN has an mdwg file format that can store multiple drawings as one. The V170 version adds the ability to select drawing blocks and output them continuously.

Improved synchronization of drawing-linked CIM Library names

We improved the problem of CIM Library name change error when CIM and Drifter are integrated.


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