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[CAD INFRA-DESIGN] Release Note & Hotfix Update_V180 (04.2023)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 6.0 (20.09.23)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 6.0


[CIM Integration] Fixed graphic output defect of Arc Line



CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 5.0 (24.08.23)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 5.0


[Rebar Annotations] Improved logic for the 'Rebar Preview' option in Spiral Rebar annotations.

[CIM Integration] Fixed the issue where additional circles were appearing in sections with circular objects during the integration of 2D cross-sections.

[CIM Integration] Fixed the issue where minor curved objects created in CIM were not being generated during the integration with drawings.



CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 4.0 (12.07.23)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 4.0


[3D View] Fixed the defect in drawing generation

[View] Fixed the defect where objects disappear when modifying User Section

[View] Fixed the defect in drawing generation



CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 3.0 (30.06.23)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 3.0


[IRX] Fixed Appload Import glitch

[Drawing title] Added Text style option function

[View] Fixed a bug where View was cut in By Curve method

[View] Fixed object creation defect of By Curve method

[2.5D dimension] Fixed Linear function defect

[Longitudinal Profile Table] Corrected Field code item slipping defect

[Longitudinal Profile Table] Improved Row Organization Table for Field Code Items



CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 2.0 (25.05.23)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 2.0


[Curved Drawing] Fix a defect where interlocking objects disappeared

[Group Reinforcement Annotation] User Group Reinforcement Type Additional Improvement

[Rebar dimension] Display message when User Group rebar is selected

[2.5D dimension line] Fix linear dimension scaling function defect

[Section View] Fix circular member scale application defect

[3D View] Fix drawing creation failure when style information is missing

[3D View] Body object interlocking defect correction



CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 1.0 (09.05.23)

CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180 Hotfix 1.0


[3D View Rebar Report] Fix defects applied to all views copied when creating objects in 3D View

[Curved Drawing] Fixed circle creation defect when expressing section of section

[Linear Dimension] Fix linear dimension scaling defect

[CIM Integration] Improvement of CAD INFRA-DESIGN integration of cutting slope rounding created in CIM

[Rebar leader Head] Rebar symbol leader head type change defect fix

[View Update] Fixed the defect of maintaining the rebar dimension format when updating the view



New features of CAD INFRA-DESIGN V180. 

Added function to create drawing titles.

In order to enhance the comprehensiveness of drawings, a function for creating drawing titles in CIM View Mode has been introduced.

When creating a section in CIM, users can choose to use the name of the saved view as the drawing title or manually input a customized drawing name.

Added drawing design outline function.

The design outline function necessary for creating design drawings has been added.

This function shows the strength of the material used in CIM and displays the design method and load based on the user's input.

Added general functions for CAD in CIM View mode

In order to enhance the completeness of the created drawings, a general CAD user interface has been included in CIM View Mode.

The newly added functions for creating and editing in V180 are as follows:

Creation Function

ㆍ Commands for Text / Line / Polyline / Xline / Rectangle / Circle

General editing functions

ㆍDisplay of property window.

ㆍWhen multiple CAD general objects are selected in CIM mode, the property window is displayed.

ㆍThe CAD general objects will not be deleted when updating the drawing.

ㆍThe CAD general objects will rotate together when the view is rotated.

ㆍCommands for Copy / Move / Erase / Offset

Improved 3D View rebar report function

The rebar report function that is automatically generated via the 3D View, an added feature in CAD INFRA-DESIGN V170, has been improved.

In order to enhance the drawing workability, the 3D View rebar report generated for individual rebars now includes only the information on the rebar within the cross-section view, and contains less data. This is accomplished by setting the pudge view function as the default setting.

Purge view  : By removing any hidden objects within the section view, it is possible to simplify the information
                         presented in the section view.

Improved 3D PDF function (Added function to apply structure tree)

Due to the expansion of the [Quantity] structure space in CIM V180, CAD INFRA-DESIGN database is also expanded when creating a 3D PDF drawing based on the CIM Structure.

The CAD INFRA-DESIGN 3D PDF Setting is applied uniformly to the 3 structures of CIM's Structure, and the PDF Tree is displayed as saved in each Structure.

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