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Railway Dynamic Factor


  • Specify the dynamic factor to be applied due to the motion of traffic rail loads. The effect of dynamic factor will be applied globally to all the analysis results for elements, links and nodes. Railway Dynamic Factor is only available when Eurocode is selected.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Moving Load] > [Advanced] group > [Railway Dynamic Factor]



Auto Input

Determinant Length : If Auto is selected,the determinant length (Lphi) needs to be specified by the user.

Quality of track maintenance : Based on the quality of track maintenance the program calculates the value of Dynamic factor based on following formulae:

Railway Dynamic Factor.png

Reduced dynamic effect :In the case of arch bridges and concrete bridges of all types with a cover of more than 1,00 m, the value of dynamic factors may be reduced as follows:

Reduced dynamic effect.jpgwhere h is the height of the cover.


User Input

The value of the dynamic factor can be input manually.


This factor amplifies all the results based on the dynamic factor calculation which will be dependent on the determinant length specified by the user. After the application of the global dynamic factor, element specific dynamic factors can be applied to individual elements using the Railway Dynamic Factor by Element function in order to consider different determinant lengths for different elements.


Railway Dynamic Factor by Element will get activated after the Railway Dynamic Factor is applied.

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