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Railway Dynamic Factor by Element Table


  • Specify the dynamic factor to be applied due to the motion of traffic rail loads using the dynamic factor table.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Moving Load] > [Advanced] group > [Railway Dynamic Factor Table by Element Table]




Dynamic Factor Table


The value of dynamic factor for the selected elements can be edited using the Dynamic factor table.


Determinant Length : If Auto is selected,the determinant length (Lphi) needs to be specified by the user.

Quality of track maintenance : The quality of the track can be specified in the table and the program calculates the value of Dynamic factor based on:


Reduced dynamic effect :In the case of arch bridges and concrete bridges of all types with a cover of more than 1,00 m, the value of dynamic factors may be reduced using the equation given below. Check the [ ] for the reduced dynamic effect to be applied.

rd.jpgwhere h is the height of the cover.

Height Of the cover : Specify the height of the cover for the reduced dynamic effect consideration.

Dynamic Factor : Calculated Dynamic factor value based on the inputs.


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