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Strength Reduction/Design Resistance/Partial Safety Factors


  • Enter the strength reduction / Design Resistance / Partial Safety factors, which are a form of safety factors to account for the difference between the nominal and real strengths of the materials; the difference in member strengths between the design and manufacturing or construction; and uncertainties related to inaccuracies in the design equations.



From main menu, select [Design] tab > [Type : Steel Design] > [Design Input Data] group > [Design Parameters] > [Strength Reduction / Design Resistance / Partial Safety Factor]



Revision of Civil 2013

Design Code

Display the selected design code.

Update By Code : Factors are automatically changed to the values specified in the selected design code.


Strength Reduction Factor

It is available when AASHTO, AISC, or Taiwan design code is selected.

For Tension Members

For Yielding in Gross Section (Phi t1)

For Fracture in the Net Section (Phi t2)

For Compression Members (Phi c)

For Flexural Members (Phi b)

For Shear (Phi v)


Design Resistance Factors

It is available when BS5950 design code is selected.

Strength of the Material (Gamma m1)

Manufacturing Tolerances (Gamma m2)


Partial Safety Factors

It is available when Eurocode3 or IS:800 design code is selected.

Class 1, 2, or 3 Cross-Section (Gamma m0)

Class 4 Cross-Section (gamma m1)

Net Section at Bolt Holes (Gamma m2)

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