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[Execution] Exception handling method for detecting and inspecting MIDAS program in security program.


There seems to be an issue between the security program and MIDAS program.



 The antivirus and firewall installed on the user's PC can interfere with program installation and execution processes, delete or damage modules that are essential for program operation, interpretation, reporting, and output.

 Disabling the antivirus and firewall temporarily or proceeding with exception handling may solve the problem during installation and execution.


1. Exception handling in security program

 Since there may be conflicts with the security program installed in-house or on-campus, the path where the MIDAS program is installed is detected and exception handling is performed in the corresponding security program.


2. Reinstall after deleting the program

 Essential modules for program operation may have already been damaged or deleted, so reinstall the program by referring to the [Installation] How to uninstall the program / [Installation] How to install the program FAQ.


3. Interpretation and report output location

 MIDAS Program temporarily stores data required for structural analysis during interpretation and report output in a temporary file, and uses the stored data when necessary.

 There may be conflicts with the user's PC antivirus and firewall during the process of calling the necessary data from the temporarily stored data, which may prevent further structural analysis.

 In this case, to perform stable structural analysis and output, it is recommended to create an analysis folder on the C drive and move the data there before proceeding.

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