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[Execution] Patching method (GEN/ DESIGN+ / GSD / DRAWING / nGEN)


I would like to know how to patch the program.



We continuously solve minor bugs or issues that need to be changed through continuous patches while using the MIDAS program. You can also resolve errors occurring on your PC by applying patches.

After exiting the program you are using, you can apply the patch by installing the patch file of the program and copying/pasting it into the installation path.


Apply the patch file

Overwrite the installed patch file in the path where the existing program is installed.

1) Right-click on the installed patch file and execute it with Windows Explorer and extract the compressed file.

2) Copy all the files inside the decompressed patch file folder and paste them into the folder where the program is installed.



C:\Program Files\MIDAS\Midas Gen

C:\Program Files\MIDAS\Midas Design+


C:\Program Files\MIDAS\Midas Gen\Midas GSD


C:\Program Files\MIDAS\nGen MODS\Midas Drawing


C:\Program Files\MIDAS\nGen MODS\Midas nGen


3) As all the contents in the patch folder should be overwritten on the existing folder, proceed with giving administrator privileges.

4) After the patch is complete, run the program to confirm if the patch has been applied.


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