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[Execution] How to Install VectorDraw

Question 1

I'm curious about how to install VectorDraw.



VectorDraw is a program that is essential for running MIDAS programs, so it must be installed.


 However, depending on the user's PC environment or security program, installation may be missing or VectorDraw that has already been installed may be damaged, so you need to manually install the appropriate version as needed.


1. Run VectorDraw install file

 Run the VectorDraw install file located in the CIVIL folder.


Path to the CIVIL folder where VectorDraw install file is located
C:\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Civil\Vector Draw


 If you changed the program installation path when installing CIVIL, go to that path and check 'midas Civil\Vector Draw'.


2. Install VectorDraw

 Follow all the VectorDraw installation steps that are confirmed.


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