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[Installation] How to reinstall FEA NX


I am curious about how to reinstall FEA NX after uninstalling it.



If essential modules for running the program are missing or damaged during the initial installation of FEA NX, it is necessary to delete all program-related data and logs and reinstall them. Or, to install a new version, it is necessary to remove all previous versions of the program.

 In addition, during the installation process, modules essential for program operation or execution may be missing or damaged due to security issues on the user's PC. To prevent this, we recommend disabling antivirus and firewall software before installation and proceeding with Windows updates. Windows updates are a good way to correct system errors, including security issues on the computer. While it is difficult to determine whether specific errors occurring during Windows updates are directly related to the installation of FEA NX, they have a positive impact on resolving overall security and error issues in the system.

 Finally, we recommend closing all other applications, including Microsoft Office which is integrated with the MIDAS program, and deleting them before reinstalling them. Running other applications during the MIDAS program installation process can interfere with the installation, so it is best to close them all before proceeding.


1. Uninstall FEA NX

Existing FEA NX should be cleanly uninstalled to avoid errors during module installation when reinstalling it.

Uninstall FEA NX from the Control Panel

1) Enter 'Control Panel' in the Taskbar Searchbox and run it.

2) On the screen to remove programs, uninstall FEA NX.


Uninstall the FEA NX folder from the C drive

1) Enter 'File Explorer' in the Taskbar Searchbox and run it.

2) Move to the FEA NX path (C:\Program Files\MIDAS) and delete the FEA NX folder.


Uninstall the registry from Registry Editor

1) Enter 'Registry Editor' in the search bar on the taskbar and run it.

2) Delete all FEA NX-related registry folders in the ‘Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MIDAS’ path.


Registry folders that need to be deleted (related to FEA NX)

[FEA NX], [FEA NX (Protection)]



2. FEA NX Installation

 Remove any existing FEA NX installations and then reinstall the program.

Disable antivirus and firewall software.

During the installation process, essential modules necessary for program operation or execution may be missing or damaged due to security reasons on the user's PC.

1) Refer to the FAQ,
[Execution] Exception handling method for detecting and inspecting MIDAS program in security program.
, and temporarily disable security programs within the company or school.

2) Enter "reputation-based protection" in the taskbar search box and run it, then check off "App and File Check" and "Microsoft Edge SmartScreen."


FEA NX installation

Run the installation file for the program and install FEA NX.

1) Use the FEA NX installation file download link on the website to download the FEA NX installation file.

2) Right-click on the downloaded compressed folder and run it with "Windows Explorer," then proceed with extracting the compressed file.

3) Right-click on the Setup file in the uncompressed folder and click "Run as administrator".

4) Most of the steps during FEA NX installation involve installing essential programs necessary for FEA NX operation and must be completed without exception to use the program.

5) Run the installed FEA NX program to check if it can be executed.


 When installing the program, it may be possible to install it in a different way or process than the one we provided without any problems. However, running the program without a fully established operating environment can result in various errors at any time. In such cases, there may be an inconvenience in having to repeat the process of deleting and reinstalling the program. We hope that you follow the above process when installing the program for the first time to avoid any inconvenience.

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