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[Execution] How to initialize the CIVIL environment


I want to change the program environment to the initial settings because it has changed a lot from the CIVIL environment that I used to use.



Various environments such as shortcut keys set during CIVIL usage and function icons added to the Toolbar are saved in a registry named 'BCGWorkspace_XXX'. You can reset Civil's environment or shortcut keys by deleting the corresponding registry folder.

1) Type 'Registry Editor' in the taskbar search box and run it.

2) In the Registry Editor, delete the 'BCGWorkspace_XXX' folder located under the 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MIDAS\CVLw_US' folder. (Here, XXX refers to the version of CIVIL.)

3) After closing the Registry Editor, run CIVIL again to check the initialized environment of CIVIL.


When using the Registry Editor, it is recommended not to modify or edit other registries beyond the specified instructions, as this may cause problems with other program usage.

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