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[Execution] How to exclude DEP settings


When running MIDAS programs such as TEdit or SOILWORKS, there are no changes and the program does not run.



Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a feature in Windows that prevents damage from viruses and other security issues by preventing data execution.

Due to security programs in Windows, there may be issues with running MIDAS programs, so it is necessary to exclude the program from the detection list in order to run it.

1) Enter "Advanced system settings" in the taskbar search box and run it.

2) In the system properties window that appears, click the [Settings...] button in the "Advanced" tab and then "Performance".

3) In the "Performance Options" window, click the [Data Execution Prevention (DEP)] tab.

4) Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:" and click the [Add...] button.

5) Go to the program path that caused the error and select the program executable.

6) Click [Apply] and then [OK], and then restart your PC.

If there is no history of excluding DEP for the program for the first time, it will be applied after restarting the PC.

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