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[Execution] How to update graphics card drivers


When working with a modeling file, I experience graphic glitches or stuttering when using files with many elements.



We recommend using the MIDAS program in an environment that meets the recommended specifications.

In terms of speed of interpretation and program loading, using an external graphics card from the GeForce series can help. It is necessary not only to use a PC with the graphics card installed but also to install the latest driver for the graphics card.

1) Enter 'Device Manager' in the taskbar search bar and run it.

2) Double-click the display adapter in the Device Manager window to identify the type of graphics card installed on the PC.

3) Enter 'Control Panel' in the taskbar search bar, run it, and then delete the graphics card driver.

4) Access the official website of the graphics card manufacturer installed on the PC and install the latest version of the driver.

5) Restart the PC and check the problematic file.

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