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[Execution] TEdit cannot be executed or used.


TEdit is not working.



TEdit may be prevented from running by various security programs installed on Windows Defender or PC. You can execute it by adding an exception after detecting it.

 TEdit (MIDAS Text Editor) is a document editor that provides basic editing functions such as creating, saving, and printing text documents in a Windows environment. It can be used not only as a general editor that can replace Windows Notepad but also allows convenient opening and editing of various text files by working with the MIDAS Family Program.

1) Right-click the TEdit.exe executable file and click the "Run as administrator" menu.

2) TEdit is linked to the MIDAS Family Program and is located in the program installation path. Copy the TEdit executable file from another MIDAS program and paste it into the TEdit executable file that is not running to check it again.

3) If the problem persists even after repeating the above process, check the 'DEP exclusion setup method' FAQ to add the TEdit executable file.


[Execution] How to exclude DEP settings

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