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[Execution] Error message: "wg_main.dll is missing."


I can't run the program because wg_main.dll is missing.



The MIDAS program is based on various modules. Therefore, if the module is deleted or damaged during installation or execution by a security program, it may be difficult to run the program.

 If the same problem occurs even after installing all the essential modules for execution, you need to delete all program-related logs and reinstall it.

1. Check the [Execution] How to Install Microsoft VC++ (Microsoft Visual C++) and install all necessary Microsoft VC++ for operation.

2. Check the [Execution] How to Install VectorDraw and install VectorDraw, which is essential for operation.

3. If the program does not run due to security programs or essential modules for operation are missing, proceed with exception handling by checking the [Execution] Exception handling method for detecting and inspecting MIDAS program in security program.

4. If the same problem persists even after performing the above process, refer to the [Installation] How to uninstall the program / [Installation] How to install the program and uninstall and reinstall the program.


If the same problem persists even after performing all of the above processes, proceed with the registry editing attached at the bottom.

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