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[Execution] Error message: 'atio6axx.dll' is displayed in Event Viewer


There is a problem running the program and the event viewer shows 'atio6axx.dll'.



When loading a modeled file or performing interpretation, the graphics card installed on the user's PC is used. We recommend using the graphics card driver in the latest version when using the program.

 The 'atio6axx.dll' that appears in the event viewer is an error caused by the graphics card.

 If the problem persists after following the instructions below, please contact the customer center representative number for assistance.

1. Check the [Execution] How to update graphics card drivers and keep the graphics card driver in the latest state.

2. If the same problem occurs, enter 'Device Manager' in the taskbar search box to run it and check the display adapter.

3. If you have both AMD and Intel graphics cards, disable the Intel graphics card.

4. After completing the above steps, run the program again to check if the problem is resolved.

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