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[Execution] Error message: Visual Fortran run-time error.


When performing the analysis, a 'Visual Fortran run-time error' occurs.



The file to be analyzed needs to be moved to the C drive to proceed with the analysis.

 When performing the analysis with the MIDAS program, the necessary data for the calculation is temporarily stored in a file, and the stored data is called upon as needed. This error can occur when there is a conflict with a security program during the process of loading the temporarily stored data, making it difficult to proceed. Similarly, if the analysis is performed without moving the files stored on a company's shared server or elsewhere to the C drive, the same problem can occur.

 This error can occur intermittently, and performing a re-analysis can complete the analysis normally. However, to ensure stable analysis, it is recommended to create a Midas folder on the C drive and move the analysis files there before performing the analysis.


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