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[Installation] How to install the program


I wonder how to install the program.



During the MIDAS program installation process, modules essential for running or running the program may be missing or damaged due to security issues on the user's PC. To prevent this, we recommend disabling your antivirus and firewall before installation, and you should update Windows.

Windows updates are a great way to correct errors in the system itself, including security issues on your computer. While it is difficult to determine that Windows Update is directly related to specific errors that occur while running, it does have a positive impact on the overall security of the system and the resolution of error conditions.

Therefore, all internal and school security programs should be installed after the update is completed, referring to [Execution] How to update Windows Windows after exiting.

In addition, Microsoft Office and other applications that work with MIDAS programs are recommended to be installed after closing. Running the application can interfere with the installation of the MIDAS program during the installation process, so it is recommended that you exit before proceeding altogether.

1. Download the installation file of the program to be installed from Midas User Site.

1) Click to install the latest version of the MIDAS


program Program Installation Download Link
CIVIL Install the latest version of CIVIL link
CIM / CAD INFRA-DESIGN Install the latest version of CIM/CAD INFRA-DESIGN link
FEA NX Install the latest version of FEA NX link


2) Link to install the previous version of the MIDAS


program Program Installation Download Link
CIVIL Previous Version CIVIL Installation Link
CIM / CAD INFRA-DESIGN Previous version CIM/CAD INFRA-DESIGN installation link
FEA NX Previous FEA NX Installation Link


2. Right-click the downloaded installation zip file to run it with 'Windows Explorer' and proceed with the extraction.

3. Right-click the Setup file in the extracted installation folder and click 'Run as administrator'.

4. Most of the processes queried during the installation process are the process of installing programs essential for the operation and must be completed without exception to be used.

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