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[Installation] How to uninstall the program


I'm wondering how to uninstall the MIDAS program.



When uninstalling the MIDAS program, all related data and logs on the PC must be deleted.

 After uninstalling the MIDAS program, it is recommended to delete the previously installed program and reinstall it or upgrade the version. Although the process of automatically deleting existing programs is included when installing the program, it is more reliable to manually delete them.

 When uninstalling the program, you must delete it from Control Panel, installation path, registry, a total of three places.

1. Enter 'Control Panel' in the taskbar search box and run it.

2. Delete the program you want to remove in the function to remove the program.

3. Go to the installation path of the program and delete the program folder.


Program Program Installation Path
CIVIL C:\Program Files\MIDAS
CIM C:\Program Files\MIDAS
FEA NX C:\Program Files\MIDAS


4. Type 'Registry Editor' in the taskbar search box and run it.

5. In the opened Registry Editor, delete all program-related registries located in the path 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MIDAS.' You can also proceed by following the [Execution] How to reset the registry..


Program Related Registry
CIM / CAD INFRA-DESIGN [midas CIM], [midas InfraDesign]
FEA NX [FEA NX], [FEA NX (Protection)]


 When using the Registry Editor, we recommend not to modify any other registry folders other than the ones we have provided. Modifying other registry files can affect not only the MIDAS program but the entire PC, so you should only modify the information provided above.

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