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[Execution] Error When Printing Invoices and Reports


[Execution] Error When Trying to Print Invoices and Reports from MIDAS Program to Microsoft Office.



The invoice and report printing supported by the MIDAS program can encounter errors based on the version and authentication status of Microsoft Office.

 1. Checking the Version of Microsoft Office

 When using the MIDAS program to print invoices or reports, they are displayed using Microsoft Office products. However, invoices and reports can only be printed using Microsoft Office products that have been authenticated with genuine validation, starting from Microsoft Office 2010 version.

 Therefore, if you encounter errors while printing invoices or reports, first check whether your Microsoft Office version is 2010 or later.


 2. Verifying Genuine Authentication of Microsoft Office

 Authentication processes for various applications like Windows, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, etc., are essential when using the MIDAS program.

 Especially when printing invoices or reports and checking the resulting outputs, errors can occur if Microsoft Office is not genuinely authenticated, preventing you from using those features.

      1) Close all currently running Microsoft Office programs.

      2) Open any Microsoft Office program and create a new file.

      3) Click on the [File] tab at the top-left corner.

      4) Click on the [Account] button in the activated menu on the left.

      5) Check the 'Product Information' section and proceed with the authentication process.


 If the same error continues to occur, it's possible that your Microsoft Office program is installed incorrectly or has become corrupted.

 You can perform a repair or reinstall of Microsoft Office to resolve the issue and proceed with normal report printing.

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