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Rail Track Analysis Model


  • Rail Track Analysis Model Wizard is provided to account for additional stresses and displacements due to an interaction between decks and rails.


Automatic modeling for a simplified separate analysis

Case 1 : Model with temperature loads without train loads.

Case 2 : Model that has sections, which have different resistances of ballast depending on the presence of train vertical loads, acceleration / braking loads.


Automatic modeling for a stage analysis

Unloaded Stage : Stage where only temperature loads are included. The resistance of ballast for Unloaded Condition is applied to all sections.

Loaded Stage : Stage where acceleration / braking loads and train vertical loads are included. The resistance of ballast for Loaded Condition is applied to where the train load is applied.


Automatic modeling for a moving load analysis

Analysis is performed to find the location of the maximum additional stress by moving the train forward. When the train is moved forward, models that reflect the changes in boundary conditions are automatically created.

NOTE.png Modeling cases that are automatically created are saved in the folder with the same file name.



From the main menu, select [Structure] tab > [RSI] group > [Rail Track Analysis Model] > [Rail Track Analysis Model]



Structure-Wizard-Rail Track Analysis Model-Layout.png

Rail Track Analysis Model Wizard dialog box

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