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Rail Track Analysis Model - Section


Structure-Wizard-Rail Track Analysis Model-Section.png

Fig. Rail Track Analysis Model Wizard Section dialog box

Deck Section

Bridge Section: Select a cross section of a deck.


Tapered Section Assignment: Check on when tapered sections are to be defined for each of the spans of the deck. The Bridge Section is deactivated when this is checked.

Structure-Wizard-Rail Track Analysis Model-Section-section assignment.png


Relative: The horizontal location of the section is assigned as a ratio with respect to the total length. It is applied in the same way for the span of a deck.

NOTE.png When Start is chosen in Reference and Location is 0.1, the chosen section will be located at "0.1 times the span length" (called 0.1L point) point. If no section is defined at the 0 L point, then the same section as that in the 0.1L point will be used.


Section: Sections that have been defined in Bridge Section can be utilized by using the Add/Modify/Delete button.


Tapered Option: Sectional tapered form information can be defined. Data such as sectional and directional curve types(Quadratic Type, Linear Type) are defined.

NOTE.png "From" is the information that determines whether the curve shape is concave or convex.

Structure-Wizard-Rail Track Analysis Model-Section-Tapered Section.png


Eccentricity between Rail/Slab : Eccentricity that arises between a rail and the center of a deck is defined.


Copy the Current Deck Data to Other Deck...: Deck data (Bridge Section, Tapered Section Assignment Data) can be copied into other decks.

Apply all Deck Data: Currently defined Deck Data are applied to all of the decks left.

Section Applied Decks: Currently defined Deck Data is applied to those that are listed in Selected Decks.

Rail Section

Rail Section: Rail cross section is defined.

Add Rail DB Section: Built-in rail cross sections can be added to Section Data.

NOTE.png In midas Civil, commonly used rail DB sections such as KS50, KS60, and UIC60 are provided.

Define Track Lane Position: The track lane is located by giving a distance from the center of the section. When this is not defined, it is arbitrarily applied in modeling. The location of Track Lane does not affect the analysis result but it is used for model view.

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