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Construction Stage Data Created Edited

Time Loads for Construction Stage


  • Impose Time Load to specific members to reflect the time-dependent material properties relative to the contiguous members.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Construction Stage] > [Construction Stage Data] group > [C.S Loads] > [Time Loads for Construction Stage]



Load-Construction Stage Loads-Construction Stage Data-CS Loads-Time Load for CS.png

Load Group Name

Select a Load Group in which the Time Load is to be included.



Add : Add a time load to the selected members.

Replace : Replace a time load to the selected members.

Delete : Delete the time loads assigned to the selected members


Time Loads

Loads pertaining to simple passage of time to reflect the change of time-dependent material properties.

Time loads should be activated after the corresponding elements are activated at the construction stages. If the element group and the time load group are activated at the same stage, the time load will not be taken into account in the analysis.

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