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Heat of Hydration Analysis Data Created Edited

Pipe Cooling


  • Specify pipe cooling information purported to reduce hydration temperature. Pipe cooling can be performed by casting pipes inside the concrete structure and pumping a low temperature liquid through the pipe. The low temperature liquid will prevent increase in temperature due to hydration. Heat transfer occurs between the surface of the pipe and the convection of the flowing liquid.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Heat of Hydration] > [Heat of Hydration Analysis Data] group > [Pipe Cooling]



Load-Heat of Hydration Loads-Heat of Hydration Analysis Data-Pipe Cooling.png


Add : Click this button to input a new pipe cooling group.

Modify : Click this button to modify an existing pipe cooling group.

Delete : Click this button to delete an existing pipe cooling group.

Close : Click this button to close the dialog box.


Load-Heat of Hydration Loads-Heat of Hydration Analysis Data-Pipe Cooling 1.png



Enter the name of pipe cooling group.


Cooling Water

Specific Heat : Specific Heat of cooling water

Density : Density of cooling water

Inlet Temp : Inlet Temp of cooling water

Flow Rate : Flow Rate of cooling water

Inflow Time : Duration of pipe cooling relative to construction stage

Start : Starting construction stage and the time of application (hr)

End : Ending construction stage and the time of disengagement (hr)


Cooling Pipe

Diameter : Pipe diameter

Convection Coefficient : Convection Coefficient of cooling pipe

NOTE.png The flowing water convection coefficients, which are recommended by the Japanese Concrete Engineering Society, represent the convection coefficients as a function of velocity. When the velocity is 20~60cm/sec then the flowing water convection coefficient is as follows:


where, u = velocity of low temperature liquid (cm/sec)



Enter the path of the pipe defined by nodes, which are specified in the direction of the flow.

2 Point : 2 end points are specified along which all the intermediate points are entered.

Picking : Select the path of the pipe by mouse clicks.

Node No. : User-specify the node numbers directly.

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