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Specified Displacements Table


  • Enter or modify Specified Displacements of Supports at specific nodes, in a spreadsheet format table.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Static Loads] > [Load Tables] group > [Static Load] > [Specified Displacements]



(Refer to "Specified Displacements")

Refer to Usage of Table Tool and enter or modify the following data:

Load-Load Table-Load Tables-static Load-Specified Displacement.png


Node: Node numbers


Load Case: Unit load cases


Flag: Select the degree-of-freedom components to be constrained by specified displacements with respect to the nodal (global) coordinate system (GCS)


Dx: Specified displacement in the nodal (GCS) x-direction


Dy: Specified displacement in the nodal (GCS) y-direction


Dz: Specified displacement in the nodal (GCS) z-direction


Rx: Specified rotational displacement about the nodal (GCS) x-axis


Ry: Specified rotational displacement about the nodal (GCS) y-axis


Rz: Specified rotational displacement about the nodal (GCS) z-axis


Group: Name of Load Group

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