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Element Detail Table


  • Query element connection nodes and all types of attributes for elements in tables.

  • "Select" the desired elements first and access the function.



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] tab > [Element Detail] group > [Elements Table] > [Element Detail Table]



Click the tabs at the bottom of the table window, which are classified by types, to display the desired information table. The table types are as follows.

Query-Query-Element Detail Table.png

Elem : Element material property, section or thickness number, connecting nodes, length or area, etc.

Edmp :automatically calculated feature dimensions (conceptual dimensions, h) with the Change Element Dependent Material Property function

Frls : Beam end release conditions

Offs : Beam rigid end offset

Prls : Release conditions for plate element nodes

Ewsf : Information on the stiffness increase/decrease coefficient for applying rigidity considering the effective width of the element

Bmld : Beam load

Prst : Pre-stress load

Ptns : Entry data related to the pretension load

Pres : Pressure load

Etmp : Element Temperature load

Gtmp : Temperature gradient load

Lfgs : Initial axial force

Hahs : Input information on the heat generation function when analyzing the hydration

Hecb : Input information on the boundary conditions of heat point due to convection during hydrothermal analysis

Tmld: Input information on additional age (Time Load) when analyzing the construction stage of the element

Crpc : Input information on creep coefficients in the construction stage analysis of elements

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