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Element Weight Table


  • Query element weight and additional information to be used for weight calculation in tabular form.

  • "Select" the desired elements first and access the function.



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] tab > [Element Detail] group > [Elements Table] > [Element Weight Table]



Click the Information Type tab at the bottom of the table to display the desired information table.
The table is as follows.

Query-Query-Element Weight Table.png

No : Element number

Type : Element type


No : Material number

Name : Material name


No : Section number

Name : Section name


No : Thickness number

Name : - (Thickness data has no name)


Type : Element shape information (L: Length of truss, beam elements, etc, A: Area of plate elements, etc., V: Volume of solid elements)

Value: Value of each shape

Unit Weight : Unit weight of material

Webight : Total weight of element

NOTE.png Composite Section

When Construction stage for Composite section is not defined.

Density of material of deck is calculated from the Ds/Dc ratio entered while defining the Section data of the composite section.

When Construction stage for Composite section is defined.

Weight of the deck is calculated fro the density of the material assigned to the deck in Add/Modify Composite Section for Construction Stage dialog box. if no material has been assigned to the deck in Composite Section for Construction Stage, then the density of the deck material will be taken from Ds/Dc ratio entered while defining Section Data of the composite section.


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