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[Execution] When running the program, an error message appears and it does not execute.


When running the program, an error window pops up and it doesn't execute.



Depending on the user's PC environment and the state of essential modules required for operation, MIDAS programs may encounter errors during the installation process or have issues with execution.

Please find the relevant error information in the table below and follow the recommended actions.

[Execution] Error message: An unknown error occurred, and the session has not been disconnected.
[Execution] Error message: An error occurred while reading the data. The format of the data or file is incorrect.
[Execution] Error message: Access has been denied.
[Execution] Error message: The application failed to start properly. (0x00~)
[Execution] Error message: Could not find the starting point of the procedure.
[Execution] Error message: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File.
[Execution] Error message: Encountered an improper argument.
[Execution] Error message: The file was created in a version higher than the program being used.
[Execution] Unknown error has occurred while checking license _ Common.

If you cannot find the relevant error information or if the same problem continues to occur even after taking the recommended actions, please contact us or connect with our support representative for further assistance

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