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Members and License Created Edited

[Authentication] Error message: License exceeded


The program cannot be used because the license has expired. (You have reached the maximum number of licenses. Please contact your license administrator.)



For MIDAS program, simultaneous usage is allowed up to the number of copies of the product that the company possesses.

 For example, if the company has three copies of CIVIL, three people can use one product at the same time. If all licenses are in use, the program cannot be used, and it becomes available only after one copy of the product is terminated.

 Additionally, if the user's ID is blocked, the above error message can also be displayed. MIDAS IT employs technical measures using automated programs to prevent and detect illegal use. If copyright infringement is suspected for various reasons, the corresponding ID may be blocked. Please review the attached document for more information and use it carefully.


If it is being displayed but not currently in use, run the "Task Manager" on the PC using the ID that is connected and terminate the product running in the background.

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