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[Error Checking Method] Authentication Related_Geotech


I'm curious about the measures and methods for checking authentication errors.



Follow the manual instructions to proceed with program authentication and verify the error.

When running the MIDAS program, authentication is required before using the product. Users must use the product owned by the company, organization, or school they belong to, and their personal information must also match.

Using information that is inconsistent with the instructions provided above or entering incorrect information can lead to various errors and may result in the account being blocked.

The methods to identify the error are as follows:

1.Prior to identifying the error, proceed with authentication through the product-specific manual. If the authentication information is already entered, click on buttons such as "Reset" or "Initialize" to delete the information and proceed with authentication.


GTS NX [Authentication] How to authenticate GTS NX license


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2. If the same error persists even after authentication through the manual, please refer to [Execution] How to reset the registry to delete the registry.

3. If the same problem continues to occur, please check the message specified in the error window.

4. Please contact our technical support customer center, and if you provide us with the error message, we will be able to assist you further.

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