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R.C. Slab Bridge Wizard - Transverse


Define the transverse direction (cross-section) type for barrier, median strip, sidewalk, etc.

Structure-Wizard-RC Slab Bridge-Transverse.png

Fig. R.C. Slab Bridge Wizard Transverse dialog box



Transverse section type


Type Left side Right side
barrier barrier
barrier median strip
median barrier
barrier without median strip
without median barrier


Size of Plate Element

Specify the maximum size of plate elements auto-generated in the transverse direction.

b1, b2, ~, D, n

Referring to the guide diagram, enter the transverse cross-section data.


Transverse Fixed Support

Enter the fixed supports in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the bridge, identified by the bearing numbers from the left looking in the direction of the axis of the bridge.

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