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R.C. Slab Bridge Wizard - Loads


Enter the load cases and loads required to analyze a RC slab bridge. Load cases and combinations are automatically generated in an auto-generated model.


Structure-Wizard-RC Slab Bridge-Loads.png

Fig. R.C. Slab Bridge Wizard Loads dialog box


Load Combinations


Factored load combinations are auto-generated.


Service load combinations are auto-generated.

NOTE.png In V 6.3.0 we can specify loads by "KRTA-BRG2K, AASHTO-Std2K, AASHTO-LRFD02, IRC: 6-2000 and Taiwan", and options are activated depending upon each country code.

Define Moving Load Code

Select the moving load code of a country.


Self Weight




Weight of pavement (pressure load).


Pavement thickness.

Weight Density

Weight density of pavement.



Barrier load (pressure load).


Self-weight of barrier per unit length.

Additional Load

Additional loads such as noise barrier, guard rails, etc.

NOTE.png The linearly distributed loads entered for Barrier and Median Strip are divided by the widths entered in the Transverse tab and applied as pressure loads.


Median Strip

Self-weight of the median strip (pressure load).


Side Walk

Superimposed weight of sidewalk.


Sidewalk thickness.


Superimposed weight of sidewalk per unit volume.

Crowd Load

Human occupancy load.


Live Load

Bridge live load (It needs to be adjusted by comparing with AASHTO).

Class of Loading

Bridge live load grade, HS, HL, etc.


Reference axis when the live load is applied eccentrically.



Negative value

NOTE.png When Settlement is entered, the settlements by the locations of the auto-generated support settlement group are automatically analyzed.



Temperature difference between the top and bottom surfaces of the slab


Wind Load

Wind load acting on the bridge and noise barrier


Lateral wind load acting on the bridge and noise barrier


Moment due to the lateral wind load acting on the noise barrier.



This function loads data saved in a *.wzd file from R.C. Slab Bridge Wizard, allowing you to modify and review previously entered data within the Wizard after restarting midas Civil.


Save As...

This function saves the data entered in R.C. Slab Bridge Wizard as a *.wzd file.

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