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RC Structure Created Edited

R.C. Frame/Box Wizard - Transverse


Specify the configuration in the transverse direction.

Structure-Wizard-RC Frame Box-transverse.png

Fig. R.C. Frame /Box Culvert Wizard Transverse dialog box



Define the transverse direction (cross-section) type for barrier, median strip, sidewalk, etc.


Type Left side Right side
Barrier Barrier
Barrier Median Strip
Median Strip Barrier


Size of Plate Element

Specify the maximum size of plate elements auto-generated in the transverse direction.


b1, b2, ~ D, n

Referring to the guide diagram, enter the transverse cross-section data.


Supports of Pi Frame

Fixed Support

Location of a fixed support in the Pi-type frame bridge (Number of Bearings = n+1)


Supports of Culvert

Specify the type and modulus of subgrade reaction of the culvert.

Spring Type

General : Stiffness of general elastic spring.

Compression Only : Stiffness of general elastic spring effective in compression only.

NOTE.png "Compression Only" is applicable for 2-dimensional Box Culvert type only.

Modulus of Subgrade Reaction

Define the modulus for different locations.

Length of Elastic Link

Length of elastic link element (The magnitude does not affect the analysis).

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