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Translate Nodes


  • Move or copy existing nodes at equal or unequal spacings.



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] tab > [General] group > [Translate] > [Translate Node]



NodeElement-Nodes-Translate Nodes.png

Translate Nodes dialog box

Click ....png to the right of Translate Nodes 

Display the Node Table


Start Node Number

Enter a starting node number for the newly created nodes. This number is auto-set to the largest node number in use +1. To modify this item, click ....png and select an option to specify a desired number.


Copy : To copy nodes

Move : To move nodes


Equal Distance

To copy (or move) at an equal spacing

dx, dy, dz : Copy (or move) distance in each axis direction

To enter the copy (or move) distance, type in each distance, or click the entry field and assign the copy (or move) distance in the working window with the mouse.

Number of Times : Number of repetitions


Unequal Distance

To copy nodes at unequal spacings

Axis : Assignment field for copy direction

x : To copy nodes at unequal distances in the UCS x-direction

y : To copy nodes at unequal distances in the UCS y-direction

z : To copy nodes at unequal distances in the UCS z-direction

Arbitrary : To copy nodes at unequal distances in an arbitrary direction

Distances : Enter unequal copy distances in the assigned direction as many times as desired
(Ex. 5, 3, 4.5, 3@5.0, 4 = 5, 3, 4.5, 5.0, 5.0, 5.0, 4)

Direction Vector : If the direction is selected arbitrarily, enter the components of the direction vector in each of the x, y, z-directions.


Merge Duplicate Nodes

Merge overlapping nodes to single nodes if new nodes coincide with existing nodes. Click ....png to modify the Merging Tolerance if necessary.


Copy Node Attributes

Select the option whether to copy the attributes (nodal boundary conditions, nodal concentrated loads, etc.) to the nodes being copied. Click ....png to assign desired attributes selectively.


Intersect Frame Elements

Select the option whether to divide the existing line (beam & truss) elements at the newly created nodes that intersect the elements. Click ....png to modify the Intersecting Tolerance if necessary.

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