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Delete Nodes


  • Delete nodes.



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] tab > [General] group > [Delete] > [Delete Node]



NodeElement-Nodes-Delete Nodes.png

Delete Nodes dialog box

Click ....png to the right of Delete Nodes

Display the Node Table

Start Node Number

Not applicable for this command.


Select the method of deleting nodes.


Click the node number entry field and the nodes to be deleted in the working window. Nodes are immediately deleted without clicking apply.png. Nodes may be also deleted by typing the node numbers in the node number field.



Use the Select feature to define the nodes to be deleted and click apply.png or press the [Delete] key on the keyboard.


Only Free Nodes

If the option is selected, the nodes connected to elements or assigned with attributes (nodal load, boundary condition, etc.) are not deleted.


NOTE.png Node deleting functions operate differently depending on the selected command. When the [Delete] key on the keyboard is to be applied, the target nodes must be selected first by the Select functions. In such a case, the selected nodes, the attributes (load, boundary condition, etc.) assigned to the nodes and all the elements connected to the nodes are deleted.

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