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Merge Elements


  • Merge more than 1 consecutive line elements into one line element.



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] > [General] group > [Merge] > [Merge Element]



NodeElement-Elements-Merge Elements.png

Merge Elements dialog box

Click ....png to the right of Merge Elements

Display the Element Table.

Start Number

Node Number

Define Starting Node number by clicking ....png. Refer "Start Number"


Element Number

Define Starting Element number by clicking ....png. Refer "Start Number"


Element Type : Select the type of elements to be merged.


Frame : Line Element (Truss, Beam ... etc.)

NOTE.png 'Merge Elements' operates only for line elements.


Merge all the line elements included in the model.


Merge only selected line elements.

Forced Merge

Two unaligned linear elements sharing a common node can be forcibly merged in to a single element.

Tolerance : Angular tolerance for element selection criterion (180° default for no restriction)

Element : Element numbers for two linear elements to be merged.

NOTE.png Diagram below illustrates the operation of forcibly merging elements 1 & 2 into element 3.
Enter the Tolerance greater than 50° (180° default) and '1, 2' in Elements entry field.

Remove Free Nodes

Remove all the free nodes without attributes and unconnected to elements after merging elements.

NOTE.png The Merge Elements function merges two continuous line elements lying on a straight line unless other elements intersect with the connection point of the two line elements. Elements with different attributes (material property, section number, etc.) do not merge. Loads and boundary conditions remain unchanged even after merging.

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