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Supports Table


  • You can input or modify the degree of freedom constraint data of arbitrary nodes in a Spreadsheet format table.



From the main menu, select [Boundary] tab > [Tables] group > [Boundary Tables] > [Supports]

Shortcut key[Ctrl]+[Alt]+P



(refer to "Supports")

Please refer to the documentation or user guide for the Table Tool to learn how to input or modify the following data.


Node : Node number

Dx : Displacement degree-of-freedom in GCS X-direction (Node's local x-axis direction)

Dy : Displacement degree-of-freedom in GCS Y-direction (Node's local y-axis direction)

Dz : Displacement degree-of-freedom in GCS Z-direction (Node's local z-axis direction)

Rx : Rotational degree-of-freedom about GCS X-axis (Node's local x-axis)

Ry : Rotational degree-of-freedom about GCS Y-axis (Node's local y-axis)

Rz : Rotational degree-of-freedom about GCS Z-axis (Node's local z-axis)

Rw : Warping degree-of-freedom about GCS X-axis (Node's local x-axis)

"1" when the degree-of-freedom is restrained and "0" when the degree-of-freedom is free.

Group : Boundary Group in which the entered boundary conditions are included.


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