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Rigid Link Table


  • You can enter or modify the data for the degree of freedom constraints of arbitrary nodes (slave nodes) dependent on master nodes in a spreadsheet format using the Table Tool.
  • The Table Tool in midas Civil is a powerful tool that includes various functions. For detailed instructions on how to use the Table Tool, please refer to the usage guide of the Table Tool.



From main menu, select [Boundary] tab > [Tables] group > [Boundary Tables] > Boundary_Tables_Rigid_Link.png [Rigid Link]



(Refer to "Rigid Link")

Refer to Usage of Table Tool and enter or modify the following data:

M-Node : Master Node number


Type : Flag the slave nodes' degrees-of-freedom to be Linked to the master node

Dx : Displacement degree-of-freedom in GCS X-direction

Dy : Displacement degree-of-freedom in GCS Y-direction

Dz : Displacement degree-of-freedom in GCS Z-direction

Rx : Rotational degree-of-freedom about GCS X-axis

Ry : Rotational degree-of-freedom about GCS Y-axis

Rz : Rotational degree-of-freedom about GCS Z-axis


Slave Node List : Slave Node numbers


Group : Boundary Group in which the entered boundary conditions are included

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