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Cable Efficiency Result Table


  • Check the cable efficiency in a spreadsheet table format.
  • Table Tool in midas Civil offers a variety of powerful, built-in functions. Refer to Usage of Table Tool for detailed directions.



From the main menu, select [Results] tab > [Type : Analysis result] > [Table] group > [Result Tables] > [Cable] > [Cable Efficiency]



Upon executing Cable > Cable efficiency Table, Records Activation Dialog is displayed. Click OK after selecting the output entities such as nodes or elements, loading conditions, construction stages, etc. Click Cancel to display a table for all, this may take a long time to display.

NOTE.png Refer to Results Table of "Usage of Table Tool" for a description on how to use the Records Activation Dialog.

Refer to Usage of Table Tool and check the following data:

Results-tables-cable-cable effiency.png

Elem : ID number of elements

Node I : Node ID number at Section I

Node J : Node ID number at Section J

Load : Load condition

Chord Length : Length of the chord

E x A : Axial rigidity (Modulus of elasticity) x (cross-sectional area of the cable)

Weight : Total weight of the cable

Tension : Cable tension

E x A (mod) : Modified axial rigidity, 03-CE-eq1.jpg x Modulus of elasticity x cross-sectional area of the cable

Efficiency : Cable efficiency


where, G = Total weight of the cable

L = Length of the chord

H = Horizontal component of cable tension T

Ec = Modulus of elasticity

Ac = Cross sectional area of the cable

α = Angle of the cable




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