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Concurrent (Max/Min) Joint Force Result Table


  • The user can check the concurrent joint force data in a spreadsheet table format. Concurrent joint force can be calculated for moving load analysis or support settlement analysis.
  • If the user selects a group of nodes from the Concurrent Joint Force Group to calculate the concurrent joint forces during moving load analysis or support settlement analysis, this table will display the concurrent joint forces of the elements connected at the nodal points.
  • The table tool of midas Civil is convenient to use. For more information refer to Usage of Table Tool in the online manual.



From the main menu, select [Results] tab > [Type : Analysis result] > [Table] group > [Result Tables] > [Concurrent (Max/Min) Joint Force]



When the user invokes the Concurrent Joint Force table, the following table will display.

Step 1

Select the load case. Moving load case or settlement load case or load combination.

Step 2

Select the components of the element force to be displayed. If the user clicks on the cell where 1 is located, then the following list will appear. The user can select the component to be displayed.


Step 3

Select the node number for which concurrent joint forces will be displayed.

After step 1 to 3 is completed click the Apply button.

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